My First Attempt at Frying

So frying things is harder than it seems, especially when you decide to not quite follow the instructions and just wing it. I wish I had pictures to add to this post but trying to fry chicken turned into kind of an emergency and I really didn’t have time to take pictures while all this … Continue reading

Cats don’t like feet

I’ve never understood why cats don’t like feet. They look like hands and usually don’t smell bad and I’ve always been gentle when trying to pet cats with feet. And yet, they instantly attack any feet within 6 inches of them. In a half assed attempt to figure out what’s up with cats I did … Continue reading

Why Black Friday Sucks

There are a couple reasons why I have grown to hate Black Friday. It sounds enticing, patriotic almost, to support businesses and the economy while getting great deals and completing holiday shopping. The past couple years have put a sour taste in my mouth though. For starters, I have to work in retail on Black … Continue reading

I’m too old?

I’m too old?

I know my posts have been sparse and it was not intentional! I recently got a job after being unemployed for about 8 months so my time has been spent getting paid for my shenanigans. So I’m working in a department store in a mall and mostly I get the prestigious job of folding clothes … Continue reading