Iphone 5 released today

Iphone 5, photo taken with my Iphone 4s šŸ˜¦

Iphone 5

As many of you might know, the Iphone 5 from Apple was released today. A little birdie told me that there was a line forming last night around 10pm for this morning at a mall near me. This bird said, “it was insane.” Enthralling. So what is so different about this version? As far as physical appearance goes, it is longer, thinner (22%), and has a bigger screen (4 inch display) than the previous Iphones. Also, the back is made out of aluminum and the charger is a different shape so if you have other Apple products you can’t use one charger for all of them. That’s a little annoying but not much of a big deal. Apparently, it is also a lot faster (twice as fast) but speed is kind of relative, isn’t it?

Other features: (in relation to previous Iphone models)

– 40% more color saturation

– 20% lighter

– headphone port is now on the bottom instead of the top

– improved camera optics

– redesigned speakers for better audio (for calls) quality

– there’s a third microphone

iOS 6.0

Also new but not exclusive to the new model is the iOS 6.0 for Iphones 3gs, 4, 4s, and 5. It’s a new operating system that you download OTA (overĀ  the air). So what’s different?

– Google maps is replaced with Apple maps and it looks a little silly. It can show you a 3D display of your route and Siri’s voice can read you the directions like a GPS does.

– The blue color (for the settings header) is now a greyish blue

– An app called Passbook that manages boarding passes, movie tickets, store cards, coupons.

That’s the most noticeable stuff. Sorry that this post wasn’t funny.


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