I love Bella Ferraro!

Okay, so I wasn’t planning on doing posts on the weekend because not as many people might see it but I just HAD to post about this because I literally found out about it hours ago.

So, being the productive member of society that I am, I spent about 5 hours today watching the worst auditions ever on Youtube for shows like American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, etc. You know, watching train wrecks never gets boring and I was seriously laughing hard at some of the contestants but after about 4 hours I started watching the best auditions ever for all these shows and I stumbled across Bella Ferraro….

Bella was a contestant on The X Factor Australia and her audition was ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver and she performed the Birdy version of it. So she comes out and she’s really nervous and a little rough around the edges and she dropped out of high school so your first thought is that she won’t be good… And then she opens her mouth and it’s like listening to Adele on amazing unicorn steroids. I’ve never heard anyone sing like that and I just had to share the video. It’s almost 9 minutes and shares her back story and judges comments so if you just want to watch her sing, start it at 2:11.

I’m trying to find out more information on her so if anyone knows more about her, like if she won the competition, got a record deal, stuff like that.

Published by Amy E

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Mischief managed." -----'Harry Potter'

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