Popular drinking games and how to play them Pt 1

Never again be embarrassed that you know nothing about American drinking culture!! Here are four very popular drinking games that I happened to be bad-ass at and how to play them. I also figured out how to make a video and this clip is me doing 3/4 of the games. Boom.

1. Flip Cup
So, you need two teams of players (each team has an equal amount of players), some kind of table (folding tables are the best for drinking), 1 solo cup per person playing, and your drink of choice. Each player fills their cup about 1/4 of the way full, usually with beer but I’m a bad-ass so I play with wine…Yeah. Stand on the same side of the table as the rest of your teammates and face opposite of your opponent. Two people at the end of the table go first and they must answer an embarrassing either/or question before they start drinking like, “Would you rather pitch or catch?” (I won’t explain what that means). Once you answer, you drink everything in your cup and attempt to flip it over onto its top (see video). Once you’ve done this, it’s the person next to you’s turn and they drink and flip and so on until everyone on your team has gone. The objective is to have your team finish drinking and flipping before the other team does and you can do best 3 out of 5 or whatever. Next.

2. Quarters
Really easy. Everyone sits around a table with a shot glass in the middle and tries to bounce a quarter off the table and into the shot glass. There’s different ways to play such as working in teams or who can get the most quarters in in a certain amount of time.

I’m playing a drinking game right now by myself. I call it, ‘Take a drink every two sentences you write.’

3. Beer Pong
Most beloved game by all college freshmen everywhere. I love it as well, but I’m also still in college. So you play with two teams with either 1 or two players on each team. There’s some variation in the rules because a universal rule known as “house rules” but generally this is how it goes. Each team stands at the end of a folding table and takes 10 solo cups and arranges them into a triangle (4 in the back row, 3 in the next row, 2, then 1 in the first row). The game starts with eye-to-eye meaning that one person on each team tries to make it into a cup while looking into the eyes of the person on the opposite team. Whomever makes it in first gets to shoot first for the game. The objective is to get your ping pong balls into all of the cups before the other team does. If someone on the opposite team makes one of your cups, you must drink whatever is in it (most often beer but I’ve played Whiskey Pong, Wine Pong, and hunchpunch pong).
Some rules you can play by:
-Bring it back; when both teammates get a ball in two cups on their turn. The balls are returned to them and they get to shoot again.

– Redemption; when one team makes the final cup to win and the opposite team gets one final shot per person to make it into the cup. If one does make a redemption shot, then both team must put 3 cups back onto the table and play from there.

– Bounce shot; Most throws are made without a bounce but if you choose to bounce the ball onto the table and it makes it into a cup, you are rewarded with two cups. Be warned, opponents may block the bounce shot and get that shit out of here!

– Drink cup; If someone makes a ball into your drinking cup, game over.

– There’s lots more rules, just make them up as you go.

4. Ring of Fire

Everyone sits around a table with a deck of cards spread out in a circle. There’s also a lot of versions to play this so stfu about how you know the ‘correct way’ to play (I’m speaking to a certain person I don’t like playing with). Each person takes a card out of the stack without breaking the ‘ring’ on their turn and each card represents a different action to be done. If you break the ring, you have to take the shot in the middle of the ring or drink a whole beer or something. After you’ve finished whatever is on your card, you place the card on top of the shot glass or beer bottle.

Not-so Official Rules: (what each card you draw means)

1. Two is you (whoever draws this picks a person to drink)

2. Three is me (whoever drew this drinks)

3. Four is whores (all the classy ladies drink)

4. Five is sentence (this person says a word to start a sentence and everyone takes a turn adding on 1 word to form a most hilarious sentence.)

5. Six is dicks (all the classy guys drink)

6. Seven is heaven (everyone raised both hands to the sky and the last one to do so has to drink)

7. Eight is pick a date (whoever draws this chooses another person to drink with them)

8. Nine is rhyme (this person says a word and each person has to say a rhyming word Whoever messes up has to drink. Don’t be a dick and say orange or purple; nobody likes THAT guy)

9. Ten is social (everybody drinks together)

10. Jack is question master (when drawn, this person can ask others questions and if they don’t respond in a question, that person drinks. If they do respond in a question, you drink)

11. Queen is categories (pick a category that is well known that everyone can participate in like car companies or movie genres. You start by saying something like “Toyota” and everyone has to say something according to the category you said. Whoever messes up first has to drink.)

12. King is make a rule (makes any kind of rule you want like that everyone has to follow before they take a drink. Some that I love are; you must talk in the third person or before you drink you have to yell “I love penis!”

13. Ace is waterfall (Whoever draws this card starts drinking and the next person (clockwise) cannot stop drinking until you’ve decided to stop. Don’t be an asshole and keep on trucking just because.)

Okay so all these rules are flexible and can be made your own so experiment and please tell me all about how you love to drink because I also love to drink!!

I’ll probably have a part two so please let me know if you want to see me excel at any other game because I’m a BAMF!




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