Unusual guilty pleasures

I was at the grocery store today aI know I look fabulous!nd I walked by all the candy and junk food and wasn’t very tempted… Then I walked by ginger snaps and the intense cravings kicked in. That’s when I thought about what other people must crave but probably don’t admit to. So, if you’re a normal human being then you must enjoy weird shit. Personally, I could eat an entire jar of pickles (with one foot propped up on the table) or an entire tray of cocktail shrimp. The reason I feel guilty about it is because I will eat the entire thing in one sitting like the disgusting pickle eater that I am.

On a recent Dr. Oz episode, Dr. Oz specifically talked about guilty pleasures and how there’s nothing bad with giving into them.

It’s a good way to release stress and stimulate the body. Moderation is key.

Honestly, why do they even make food in ‘party size’? It’s like specifically targeting us ‘forever alone’ people.

I would love to know everyone else’s unusual habits because it makes me feel more normal. Please comment and tell me all your dirty secrets!


Dr. Oz’s Guilt Free Hour


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