8 Things I’m Glad I learned

Do you ever hear something and you just think, ‘I’m really glad that I know this’? Me to.

8. Figure out what someone’s crack is

I had a management teacher tell me this and what it means is that everyone has something that motivates them and if you can figure out what it is and give it to them you can motivate your employees, friends, family, etc. It could be vacation time, leaving early, food. For crackheads, this happens to be crack.

7. You can’t argue with an idiot; they’ll beat you with experience every time.image from 9gag

Sage advice. There’s no use arguing with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t use reason and you end up looking like an ass because you went into rage mode and purposefully ripped up all their paper…

6. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it

It’s not just about the striking similarity between the Great Depression and the current humiliating status of the economy but also things on an individual level. Have you ever known someone who dated the same loser over and over again just with a different name? If you can’t take responsibility for your failures then you will continue to repeat them. Failure is not a bad thing it’s just a lesson learned.

5. It gets better after High School

It’s not easy being weird and high school was particularly terrible but after it’s over you never have to see those assholes ever again.

4. For every formula you’re forced to learn there’s a computer that can do it

Standard deviation? Yes. Regression Analysis? Yes. NPV? Yes. 2+2? I’m not sure lemme just check Excel…yes.

3. The grass is not greener on the other side it’s just a different shade of shit.

It’s very tempting to be envious of wealthy people who can buy everything but you just have to reassure yourself that they actually have shitty unfulfilling lives that pale in comparison to something I possess… like awesome Halloween decorations. I bet they have terrible decorations.

2. Alcohol makes everyone bearable

No explanation needed; we all know it’s true.

1. Bill Nye the Science Guy is a straight up BAMF

Everyone in my generation grew up learning cool shit with this guy. As an adult, I realize just how awesome he is. A couple months ago he did a video where he tears creationism a new ass. When I saw this it just made my childhood so much better.


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