The Presidential Debate drinking game

It’s that time again! I know everyone is just riveted by the idea of another debate that leaves you more confused about policy than you’d be if you didn’t watch anything. And rather than taking it seriously and talking about politics I’d rather create a new drinking game you can play for this debate as well as the next debate.

Here are the rules:
Ideally, the candidates are the only ones drinking and we just get to enjoy the show as they get sloshed and suddenly become real human beings and not creepy, waxy, man-child, body-snatchers. Buuuuuut, until I can become BFF with Michelle Obama and learn the secret of her arms I cannot ask favors in high places (OMG she’s gorgeous aodengoasdgnoa).

– take a shot every time someone is accused of lying or they say, “That’s just not true.”
– take a shot for every token minority in the crowd (women don’t count because that’s too many shots, this debate I spotted two African Americans but no other ethnicity was detected)
– take a shot for every time a candidate tells a story about meeting an “average working class American” such as a coal miner or other odd jobs the average American does not do
– (from my friend Ally on FB) take a shot every time they talk about the other person’s policy instead of what they plan on doing
– a shot for every time someone interrupts the moderator
– a shot for every run-on sentence
– a shot for every time you think the word ‘exacerbated’ or ‘bullshit’
– a shot for every person you recognize in the crowd (1 for me for recognizing Mrs. Michelle Obama; call me!!)
– a shot for every time a candidate mentions a political topic you’ve never heard of before (we have troops where?)

Please add more to my list! Comment and I’ll edit the post and add you in; this is just too much fun to stop


I took these picture with my phone while watching it on NBC.

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