The Wazzabi Winter Park Nightmare

This is a true story about a restaurant called Wazzabi Japanese Steakhouse in Winter Park, Fl. I first heard it from my mom, then the news, and then my best friend who knows the mom of one of the victims.

Two guys were eating at Wazzabi Japanese Steakhouse last Sunday and were both dissatisfied with their food and service. One of the victims paid for his meal while the other refused to because he only took a bite of it and tried to send it back to the kitchen. They were arguing with the waiter and then the manager joined. It got very heated with the two victims being cussed at and threatened so the victims decided to leave. As they were leaving, the owner showed up and also started yelling, cussing, and threatening the victims. They tried to prevent the victims from leaving and then proceeded to hit and kick the victims car. To end the night, one of the employees fired two bullets at the victims car as they drove away.

“This man wanted to kill me over a $19 tab,” One victim said. “It’s really scary that that kind of stuff can happen. This man tried to take my life.”

Quoc Trong Trang (the owner) is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill
Hoai Trong Viet Tran (the cook) is charged with criminal mischief

This restaurant needs to be boycotted and shut down. It’s scary to think that if you complain about bad food and service the employees will try to kill you.

Oh yeah, and everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty šŸ™‚

Wazzabi Japanese Steakhouse
1408 Gay Road Winter Park, FL 32789-2906 US

Here is their Yelp page

Orlando Sentinel

Published by Amy E

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