Playing with Pebbles

I suppose someone might be wondering what I was for Halloween since I made a whole post about it. I wasn’t anything this year because my grandpa died on the 26th and I’ve been in Tampa for the past four days. I got back yesterday, went to work, and then attempted to have fun by going downtown but to no avail.

My grandpa was a great man whom everyone loved. About six months ago he was diagnosed with Mesothelioma which had caused lung cancer and he started radiation therapy. Then about two weeks ago he developed pneumonia and went into the hospital but slipped away.

I have a big Catholic family on my moms side. My grandparents had six kids, all who married and gave my g-parents 11 granddaughters and 5 grandsons. One granddaughter has three kids and a grandson has a kid. Plus some grandkids have married. It’s a lot of people. And whenever we all get together (mostly it’s weddings and funerals which happen quite often) the level of noise and chaos is just unbearable after the second day. My sister and I joke that it’s like herding cats with everyone going in different directions.

Anyways, I wanted this post to be about my grandpa, Roger Griffey, who lived from July 26, 1931- October 26, 2012. He was hard on his kids but showered his grandkids with love. One of my favorite memories with my grandparents was when they lived in Ft. Myers. They had this house with a front porch that had a pebble garden going on and my sister and I would play with the pebbles while my grandparents watched. We giggled so much.

I love my grandpa and I wish he was here but I am glad that he’s not suffering anymore.

Published by Amy E

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Mischief managed." -----'Harry Potter'

3 thoughts on “Playing with Pebbles

  1. Amy, my Uncle Roger and your Grandfather, one in the same was a wonderful Man and a Good Soul. He will always be with us. He loved you very much and was very proud of all of you. Knowing that will bring you a lifetime of beautiful memories and joy. Love you bunches. Aunt Lita

  2. Thank you Amy for this beautiful tribute to your Grandfather. He would have been so proud to have read your pebbles story. He did love you! You brought him much joy.

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