So this is a blog that’s, hopefully, funny and informative about everyday things that affect our environment such as society/culture, economy, and technology. There’s also going to be posts about cats. Sorry.

I’m currently a business student and I’m taking the following classes: Entrepreneurial Marketing, International Marketing, How to Start a Business, and Applied Strategy & Bus Policy.

My name is Amy and I’m from Orlando. Orlando kind of sucks because there are millions, literally millions, of tourists every year that come for the theme parks or I-drive or whatever and they all act like annoying tourists. Yes, I’ve been to the parks and yes, they bore me (IOA and Busch Gardens are by far the best of all the theme parks). Living here your whole life makes you a little jaded. Orlando is hot, muggy, rainy and has an average humidity level of 74% (high of 89%). That’s pretty damn high. We are currently entering hurricane season which means you can’t make plans too far in advance because you will get rained out. Below is a flamingo from Busch Gardens. They used to live in Florida by way of Cuba and other islands but were hunted to extinction and now you can only see flamingo’s in Florida in a cage.

Okay, so this is a weird ‘About’ section but I’m a weird person and I never get to talk about things I know because everyone I know already knows the same stuff I know… Anyways, please don’t stalk me and enjoy my blog.



One thought on “About

  1. Thanks for visiting thefirstgates today. I promise not to stalk. Anyway, it sounds like you’re having fun, and I’ve lived most of my recent life with more pets than can be reasonably handled. Dogs for me, but my sister has a cat named Salem.

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