How to train a cat

Those who know my cats might find this funny and that I have no idea how to get cats to do anything but how bout you shut up. Okay, so a lot of people think you can’t get cats to do tricks or listen the way a dog does which is not really true. DogsContinue reading “How to train a cat”

Movie Review: Les Miserables

I know this came out like two weeks ago but I couldn’t resist reviewing it since the musical is my all time fav. It came out Christmas day and was insanely busy. So the movie plot actually followed the musical to the T and had every song. There was even some parts that were fromContinue reading “Movie Review: Les Miserables”

Taking Christmas to the curb

Probably the saddest thing about Christmas is taking everything down which signifies the end of the holiday season. I helped my mom take down all of her Christmas decorations which took us over four hours and we were just exhausted afterwards. There’s nothing I hate more than trying to put the lights away. Honestly, howContinue reading “Taking Christmas to the curb”

Why Black Friday Sucks

There are a couple reasons why I have grown to hate Black Friday. It sounds enticing, patriotic almost, to support businesses and the economy while getting great deals and completing holiday shopping. The past couple years have put a sour taste in my mouth though. For starters, I have to work in retail on BlackContinue reading “Why Black Friday Sucks”

The scariest Halloween story ever

Disclaimer: Those who get scared easily might not want to read this. Cue the spooky music and let’s have this narrated by Morgan Freeman in your mind. “It was just another cool day in October that I remember oh too well. It was like it happened yesterday. The day, let me think, it was aContinue reading “The scariest Halloween story ever”

What to be for Halloween

Every year the single most important decision I make is what I shall be for Halloween. This holiday is kind of my thing and people recognize my awesome skills and costumes. I’ve spent many a night pondering over what to be this year and I just can’t commit to anything yet. I feel like I’veContinue reading “What to be for Halloween”

The Presidential Debate drinking game

It’s that time again! I know everyone is just riveted by the idea of another debate that leaves you more confused about policy than you’d be if you didn’t watch anything. And rather than taking it seriously and talking about politics I’d rather create a new drinking game you can play for this debate asContinue reading “The Presidential Debate drinking game”