“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine

Cats have always given me comfort and anyone who comes in contact with me somehow ends up owning a cat.

Here are all my babies. Enjoy.

(In order of seniority)


Salem is a domestic short hair cat who is completely black and has three legs. We affectionately call him tripod. I used to work at a fast food place and one day a coworker said she saw her next door neighbor kick a kitten out the front door. She went over to the kitten and it couldn’t walk so she picked him up and took him to a nearby vet. She told me she couldn’t afford a pet and was trying to find someone to adopt him. Well, she had me at ‘kitten’. I went over to the vet and instantly fell in love and adopted him. He looked adorable with a cast on his leg. Unfortunately, there was a cut underneath his cast that became infected and his leg had to be removed. It doesn’t slow him down though. Salem can jump and run almost as fast as any quadruped. He was born in 2006. Since all of my cats are rescues I don’t know their exact birthdays so they are all born on April 20.


Jesse is my Maine Coon kitty who is completely black with hints of grey. I adopted him in 2007 from the ASPCA shelter. His previous owners were allergic to him and instead of being responsible adults, they surrendered him to a pound. I don’t understand such people. At his heaviest, Jesse weighed 22 lbs! He lost a little weight but even at his current 18 lbs, there isn’t much fat on him. Maine coons are one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. When sprawled out, Jesse is about 3 ft long. His paws are bigger than my face. His hobbies include helping me do yoga and also helping us wrap and unwrap Christmas presents.

Tigris & Euphrates:

Euphrates is a domestic short hair, mostly white with a tabby pattern on his top side. I also own his sister Tigris. Tigris is a pretty brown color with a unique spiral pattern on her sides. I was at work one day and my boyfriend sent me a text video of four kittens roaming our backyard and they walked right up to him. That night all four were inside our house. I gave two of the kittens away to friends (Nile, now named Leia, and Amazon). Euphrates is a cuddle bug but a bit bitey and moody. His favorite toy is a freshly crumpled up piece of paper and he had some rather expensive health problems because his system can’t handle crappy quality cat food. His favorite place to be is in my lap or on top of whatever I’m reading.

Tigris is somewhat of a solitary cat. She doesn’t seek out affection but everyone knows when she’s hungry. She comes after you, meows, runs to the cabinet that the food is in, runs back to you. She has a kink in her tail that she got before I found her and she has a beautiful face. Everyone raves about how pretty she is. She’s petite but chubby. She doesn’t always tolerate petting and you’ll know because she’ll wiggle away and put her body down close to the floor to avoid contact with you. She really likes looking out windows and chewing on fake flowers. Tigris and Euphrates joined my home in 2010


My youngest is from 2011 and he is a trouble maker. He is also what happens when you don’t get your cats fixed soon enough. This is the child of Tigris and Euphrates. Yes, they are brother and sister, I KNOW! He is big for his breed, about 16 lbs. He walks kind of like a Komodo Dragon, slithering from side to side. His favorite toys are a stuffed mouse and a santa claus head. He is always full of energy and it is exhausting. Tot really loves laundry baskets and boxes of any kind. If you put some kind of container near him, he immediately rushes over to it and hops in. He also likes eating the boxes and he steals my hair ties and put them under the bed. He’s very mischievous. His redeeming quality is that he’s such a mama’s boy and doesn’t like to be away from me. He always wants to cuddle, purr, follow me, watch me. Sometimes it is creepy the way he watches me. When I take a shower, he waits outside, perched on the toilet, and stays there until I come out. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I see him watching me from the dining room. *shudder*


Salem, Jesse, and Tot live with my parents.

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