How to train a cat

Those who know my cats might find this funny and that I have no idea how to get cats to do anything but how bout you shut up. Okay, so a lot of people think you can’t get cats to do tricks or listen the way a dog does which is not really true. DogsContinue reading “How to train a cat”

christmas tree

Taking Christmas to the curb

Probably the saddest thing about Christmas is taking everything down which signifies the end of the holiday season. I helped my mom take down all of her Christmas decorations which took us over four hours and we were just exhausted afterwards. There’s nothing I hate more than trying to put the lights away. Honestly, howContinue reading “Taking Christmas to the curb”

Cats don’t like feet

I’ve never understood why cats don’t like feet. They look like hands and usually don’t smell bad and I’ve always been gentle when trying to pet cats with feet. And yet, they instantly attack any feet within 6 inches of them. In a half assed attempt to figure out what’s up with cats I didContinue reading “Cats don’t like feet”

Why Black Friday Sucks

There are a couple reasons why I have grown to hate Black Friday. It sounds enticing, patriotic almost, to support businesses and the economy while getting great deals and completing holiday shopping. The past couple years have put a sour taste in my mouth though. For starters, I have to work in retail on BlackContinue reading “Why Black Friday Sucks”

I’m too old?

I know my posts have been sparse and it was not intentional! I recently got a job after being unemployed for about 8 months so my time has been spent getting paid for my shenanigans. So I’m working in a department store in a mall and mostly I get the prestigious job of folding clothesContinue reading “I’m too old?”

Playing with Pebbles

I suppose someone might be wondering what I was for Halloween since I made a whole post about it. I wasn’t anything this year because my grandpa died on the 26th and I’ve been in Tampa for the past four days. I got back yesterday, went to work, and then attempted to have fun byContinue reading “Playing with Pebbles”

What to be for Halloween

Every year the single most important decision I make is what I shall be for Halloween. This holiday is kind of my thing and people recognize my awesome skills and costumes. I’ve spent many a night pondering over what to be this year and I just can’t commit to anything yet. I feel like I’veContinue reading “What to be for Halloween”

An affordable trip to Africa

Just kidding, it’s Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Fl. I went there for my birthday and got to see some of my favorite animals. Maybe I’m an anthropology snob but it really gets under my skin when tourists are ignorant of the animal they’re looking at. If you really don’t know anything about animals thenContinue reading “An affordable trip to Africa”

How to lose friends and improve your negotiation skills

This is called the Drawbridge Exercise and it is a negotiating exercise I did in my summer class, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. You have no idea how many arguments these in-class exercises started. I did this exercise with my best friend and was surprised that her answers ended up being exactly opposite from mine. BeContinue reading “How to lose friends and improve your negotiation skills”

All I want is shorts

So this will be a bit of a rant but at least it will be short (LOL). I went to the the dreaded mall today in search of shorts because most of mine no longer fit well or are faded beyond recognition. I enter the first store and they do not have shorts but theyContinue reading “All I want is shorts”

Unusual guilty pleasures

I was at the grocery store today and I walked by all the candy and junk food and wasn’t very tempted… Then I walked by ginger snaps and the intense cravings kicked in. That’s when I thought about what other people must crave but probably don’t admit to. So, if you’re a normal human beingContinue reading “Unusual guilty pleasures”

I love Bella Ferraro!

Okay, so I wasn’t planning on doing posts on the weekend because not as many people might see it but I just HAD to post about this because I literally found out about it hours ago. So, being the productive member of society that I am, I spent about 5 hours today watching the worstContinue reading “I love Bella Ferraro!”

Iphone 5 released today

Iphone 5 As many of you might know, the Iphone 5 from Apple was released today. A little birdie told me that there was a line forming last night around 10pm for this morning at a mall near me. This bird said, “it was insane.” Enthralling. So what is so different about this version? AsContinue reading “Iphone 5 released today”

What I learned in college

The following are statements about business, crap that was actually “taught” to me in school. Can you guess which are true and which are false? It’ll piss you off no matter what you answer. 1. A happy worker is a productive worker 2. Decision makers tend to continue supporting a course of action even thoughContinue reading “What I learned in college”

Hello world!

So I finally decided to start a blog after all these years. I’m a 22 year old Business student at UCF who’s currently under-employed. I have 5 cats, two of which I pawned off on my parents and three that live with me full time. When I was 11, I managed four websites that wereContinue reading “Hello world!”

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