Playing with Pebbles

I suppose someone might be wondering what I was for Halloween since I made a whole post about it. I wasn’t anything this year because my grandpa died on the 26th and I’ve been in Tampa for the past four days. I got back yesterday, went to work, and then attempted to have fun byContinue reading “Playing with Pebbles”

The scariest Halloween story ever

Disclaimer: Those who get scared easily might not want to read this. Cue the spooky music and let’s have this narrated by Morgan Freeman in your mind. “It was just another cool day in October that I remember oh too well. It was like it happened yesterday. The day, let me think, it was aContinue reading “The scariest Halloween story ever”

What to be for Halloween

Every year the single most important decision I make is what I shall be for Halloween. This holiday is kind of my thing and people recognize my awesome skills and costumes. I’ve spent many a night pondering over what to be this year and I just can’t commit to anything yet. I feel like I’veContinue reading “What to be for Halloween”