The scariest Halloween story ever

Disclaimer: Those who get scared easily might not want to read this. Cue the spooky music and let’s have this narrated by Morgan Freeman in your mind. “It was just another cool day in October that I remember oh too well. It was like it happened yesterday. The day, let me think, it was aContinue reading “The scariest Halloween story ever”

8 Things I’m Glad I learned

Do you ever hear something and you just think, ‘I’m really glad that I know this’? Me to. 8. Figure out what someone’s crack is I had a management teacher tell me this and what it means is that everyone has something that motivates them and if you can figure out what it is andContinue reading “8 Things I’m Glad I learned”

An affordable trip to Africa

Just kidding, it’s Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Fl. I went there for my birthday and got to see some of my favorite animals. Maybe I’m an anthropology snob but it really gets under my skin when tourists are ignorant of the animal they’re looking at. If you really don’t know anything about animals thenContinue reading “An affordable trip to Africa”

How to lose friends and improve your negotiation skills

This is called the Drawbridge Exercise and it is a negotiating exercise I did in my summer class, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. You have no idea how many arguments these in-class exercises started. I did this exercise with my best friend and was surprised that her answers ended up being exactly opposite from mine. BeContinue reading “How to lose friends and improve your negotiation skills”

The case of the double present!

So I’m sure none of you know that Monday was my birthday (23!!). This is a little story about my birthday weekend. On Saturday night, I noticed my cat, Euphrates, acting strangely. He has health problems where he keeps forming crystals in his urine and it causes all kinds of scary bladder problems for him.Continue reading “The case of the double present!”

The forever growing bucket list

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Bucket List Publications and her latest post was about Biplane rides and I really wanted to share my bucket list. A couple years ago I was pretty depressed because I felt like my life wasn’t turning out the way I had envisioned while in high school. YouContinue reading “The forever growing bucket list”

How to spot a liar; Oh yeah, it’s presidential debate time!

If you don’t love ‘merica or don’t live here, you might not know that right now is the first presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. I’m watching it on NBC because Fox is the spawn of Satan and everybody hates Fox… anyways I’m not going to rant about politics or how much IContinue reading “How to spot a liar; Oh yeah, it’s presidential debate time!”

All I want is shorts

So this will be a bit of a rant but at least it will be short (LOL). I went to the the dreaded mall today in search of shorts because most of mine no longer fit well or are faded beyond recognition. I enter the first store and they do not have shorts but theyContinue reading “All I want is shorts”