My First Attempt at Frying

So frying things is harder than it seems, especially when you decide to not quite follow the instructions and just wing it.
I wish I had pictures to add to this post but trying to fry chicken turned into kind of an emergency and I really didn’t have time to take pictures while all this was happening.

I don’t actually own any of the right “tools” to fry anything at all. I don’t own a deep fryer, I don’t own a thermometer, I don’t own lard and I have no idea what I’m doing. So….let’s begin.

I was feeling particularly adventurous one day at the grocery store and decided to buy some sweet chili barbecue sauce. Therefore, I had to try an oven fried chicken recipe I found online. Here’s the recipe I “followed”. So I thaw my chicken and mix together a bowl of eggs, water, milk, salt and pepper. In another, bigger, blacker bowl, I mix together what seems like an insane amount of flour with some random seasonings. Then I dip pieces of chicken into the egg dip and flour dip twice.

Here’s the hard part. At this point, I have a large pot with about a bottle of extra virgin olive oil heating up. I don’t have a thermometer so I just turned it up high and waited a couple minutes until it seemed hot enough. As I’m dipping the chicken, the oil gets so hot it starts smoking. Mind you, I live in a rental apartment so the fire alarms work REALLY well. Like, if I owned my own place I would’ve disassembled the fire alarm the day I moved in. Anyway, my tiny one bedroom apartment quickly fills with smoke so I’m running around turning the fans all the way up, throwing cats into closets so I can open the front door and balcony door, and waving my arms about to fan the smoke out. I ran the pot of oil onto the back porch and made eye contact with this one neighbor who always sees me doing weird things. After about 15 minutes of waving my arms to dissipate the smoke it’s starting to clear up so I bring the oil back inside and drop the chicken in. I couldn’t find anywhere that said how long to fry the chicken for so I just did it for like 2 minutes and then threw them in the oven with bbq sauce. Needless to say, I didn’t end up with fried chicken.

It was still pretty good but I probably won’t be doing that again.

Published by Amy E

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Mischief managed." -----'Harry Potter'

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