What I learned in college

type type typeThe following are statements about business, crap that was actually “taught” to me in school. Can you guess which are true and which are false? It’ll piss you off no matter what you answer.

1. A happy worker is a productive worker

2. Decision makers tend to continue supporting a course of action even though information suggests that the decision is ineffective.

3. Organizations are more effective when they prevent conflict among employees.

4. It’s better to negotiate alone than as a team.

5. Companies are most effective when they have a strong corporate culture.

6. Employees perform better without stress.

7. Effective organizational change always begins by pinpointing the source of the organizations current problems.

8. Female leaders involve employees to a greater degree than do male leaders.

9. People in Japan value group harmony and duty to the group more than Americans do.

10. The best decisions are made without emotion.

11. If employees feel they are paid unfairly, then nothing other than changing their pay will reduce their feelings of injustice.

Answer Key:

1. false; Workers need to be happy in order to be productive but being happy doesn’t mean that you will be productive.

2. true; Even though the correct action would be change course, most decision makers wouldn’t do it because they don’t understand “sunk cost”

3. false; You shouldn’t prevent conflict but rather control it. Some conflict can help

4. false; every business loves a good team

5. false; trick question, strong corporate culture can be positive (cohesive, helping) or negative (such as a gang or mob mentality)

6. false; without stress people are lazy

7. false; current problems are believed to stem from unknown problems

8. true; it’s sexist, I know, people should be judged individually and not based on anatomy. I didn’t make the answers.

9. true; Asian cultures tend to be more collectivist while places like America tend to be more individualistic.

10. false; it is impossible to do anything without a little emotion

11. false; also a trick question. You must increase their pay in order for employees to feel equality but this teacher means that if you feel that you’re being paid less then you will work slower, work less, steal office supplies, etc in order to make up for the inequality.

Are you angry at all the stupid technicalities? Me to.

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