The case of the double present!

So I’m sure none of you know that Monday was my birthday (23!!). This is a little story about my birthday weekend.

On Saturday night, I noticed my cat, Euphrates, acting strangely. He has health problems where he keeps forming crystals in his urine and it causes all kinds of scary bladder problems for him. So on Sunday I took him to the emergency vet since no one else is open and my mom came with me for moral support. While in the waiting room I asked if she was giving me the Hunger Games because I saw it at her house. She said no, her and dad got me something a little bigger and special but there’s only one gift since it was kind of expensive. So I got quiet for a second…and then ask, “Is it a hot air balloon ride?”

She looked at me oddly and said, “No….”

“Oh okay I was just making sure because Jeff got me a hot air balloon ride for my birthday.”

She screams, “Are you shitting me?!?!” My parents had, indeed, gotten my a hot air balloon ride for my birthday!

Both my parents and Jeff (my boo) saw my post about my bucket list and thought, ‘It would make a great B-day present to check something off her list for her’ so they scrolled through the list thinking ‘too expensive, too expensive, no, no, no…..ohhh hot air balloon ride!!’


It all worked out though because the certificate my parents bought can be used for other activities since it’s at Fantasy of Flight and I’ve decided to use that one for a Biplane ride! So excited!


And for my next post, I will ra

nt about how much I hate tourists…again!










 Balloon Image

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"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Mischief managed." -----'Harry Potter'

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